Péter Botos

(Date of birth: 3 August 1945)
Webpage  www.peterbotos.hu. www.peterbotos.com

Facebook: Peter Botos


Education: Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences, Department of Humanities, Faculty of Sociology, Budapest, Hungary

Professional memberships: Hungarian Artists Association, Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists, Society of Hungarian Glass Artists, AHFAA Sculptors Department

Prices and awards:

  • First International Silicate Art Triennial, Kecskemét, Hungary, Special Jury Prize and Audience Award 2005
  • Hungarian Handicraft 2005, Special Award in the applied arts category
  • Museum of Applied Arts, Zsolnay jewelry tender, Special Award, 2011
  • SOFA Chicago, selected „Sphere Cross” sculpture, 2014
  • Ferenczy Noémi Award, 2015
  • Hungarian Electrographic Society MET Prize, 2018. Jointly with the ArtFormer Antal Kelle (Robot-Glass-Shadow)

Solo exhibitions since 2004:

  • „Kockázat” (Square Deal), Üvegpiramis Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2004
  • “Fényűzés” (Luxury),  Üvegpiramis Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2007
  • Transparency in two and three dimensions, co-exhibitor: István Haász, painter; Broft Glass Gallery, Leerdam, The Netherlands, 2011
  • „Törékeny fény”  (Fragile light), co-exhibitor: Ágnes Szél photographer, Pepper Art Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2012
  • Art Market Budapest 2012, Barabás Collection
  • Galerie ”In de oude school”, Stroe, The Netherlands, 2012
  • Retina, B55 Gallery, co-exhibitors:  Katalin Haász and István Halmi Horváth painters, Budapest, Hungary 2012
  • Exhibition with Gábor Erdélyi painter, Újlipótvárosi Klub Gallery, Budapest ,Hungary 2013
  • Art Market Budapest 2013, Barabás Collection, with Sándor Kecskeméti sculptor
  • Art Market Budapest 2014, Barabás Collection
  • „Shining”, Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta, Italy 2015
  • Broft Gallery, with József Zalavári sculptor, Leerdam, The Netherlands 2016
  • Colour separation, ByArt Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2016
  • Geometric Baroque, with Ágnes Szél photographer, Józsefvárosi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2016
  • Rómer Flóris Museum of Arts, Győr, Hungary 2017
  • Sculptures from a five-year period, Érdi Gallery, Érd, Hungary 2018
  • Art Market Budapest 2018, with László Szlávics Jr sculptor, Kiskép Gallery and Barabás Collection

In collections:

  • Barabás Collection, Budapest, Hungary
  • Rechnitzer Collection, Győr, Hungary
  • International Mobile MADI Museum, Vác, Hungary
  • Konok-Hetey Collection, Budapest, Hungary
  • Hungaricon Collection, Budapest, Hungary
  • Rómer Flóris Museum of Arts, Győr, Hungary
  • Laczkó Dezső Museum, Veszprém, Hungary

Public sculptures:

  • “Őrszem” (Sentry), Adyváros, Kuopio Park, Győr, Hungary 2017
  • Spatial structures, Bécsi kapu tér, Győr, Hungary 2018


Very own catalogues and books:

  • “Kockázat” (Square Deal), Üvegpiramis Gallery 2004
  • “Shining”, Gestalt Gallery, Pietrasanta 2015
  • Geometric Baroque, Józsefvárosi Gallery 2016
  • Catalogue for the “Sculptures from a five-year period” exhibition in Érdi Gallery 2018
  • “Botos”, Rómer Flóris Museum of Arts, Győr, Hungary 2017

Group exhibitions since 2005:

  • First International Silicate Art Triennial, Kecskemét, Hungary 2005
  • Contemporary Glass Art, NKS Kecskemét, Hungary 2006
  • Contemporary Glass Art, Ericsson Gallery, Budapest 2006
  • Hefter Gallery, Pannonhalma, Hungary since 2007
  • Geometry within and beyond, Godot Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2008
  • Abstract and eroticism ’69, B55 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2009
  • Art enthusiasts, Contemporary private collections 2, Műcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary 2010
  • Glass today, Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists headquarters, Budapest, 2010
  • Geomix 2.0, B55 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2010
  • Art Fair Budapest, Parisi Gallery, 2010
  • Art Market Budapest 2011, B55 Gallery
  • HUGLASS 2012, B55 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2012
  • Events and reflections, Hungarian Academy of Arts, Rome, Italy 2012
  • Gallery Van Loon & Van den Del, The Netherlands 2012
  • Rechnitzer-Gimes Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Győr, Hungary 2012
  • “Hungaricons”, Hungarian Cultural Centre, London, UK 2012
  • LA Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2012-2013
  • Contemporary Hungarian Glass Art, Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Győr, Hungary 2012
  • European Art Fair „Biennale Tilburg” 2012
  • Only art, 60 years of Hungarian Fine Arts, Kévés Studio Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2013
  • Symmetry Festival, “100 years of suprematism”, Delft, the Netherlands 2014
  • International Mobile MADI Museum, Vác, Hungary 2014
  • Modern Hungarian Glass. Prism Gallery, Birmingham, England 2014
  • Hungaricons, Várkert Bazár, Budapest, Hungary 2014
  • PALETTE Contemporary Art and Craft. Albuqueque, USA 2014
  • SOFA Art-Design Chicago, USA 2014
  • HuGlass 2014, Budapest, Hungary
  • Contemporaries: Collectors and artists, Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2014
  • Erdész Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary 2015
  • Avran Art + Design, Laguna Beach, California, USA 2015
  • Metaphysik der Gegenwart 15 Ungarische Künstler, Villa Berberich, Bad Sackingen, Germany 2015
  • MÜT 2015, Hefter Gallery, Pannonhalma, Hungary
  • Shapes within and beyond, B55 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2015
  • The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, 2015
  • HuGlass 2015 Hefter Glass Gallery, Pannonhalma, Hungary
  • Kiskép Gallery 2015 onwards, Budapest Castle, Hungary
  • Prism Gallery, Modern Hungarian Glass, Feature Exhibition at Olympia Fair, London UK, 2015
  • International Festival of Glass, British Glass Biennale, Broad Field House, Glass Museum, Stourbridge UK 2015
  • Convergenza Frattale. Arte concreta contemporanea ungherese, Daverio, Italy 2015
  • KOMA  Contemporary Hungarian Geometric Abstract, Bratislava, Slovakia 2015
  • COLOUR SHAPE SPACE, Hommage á Ferenc Lantos, Pécsi  Gallery, Pécs, Hungary 2015
  • Art Market Budapest 2015, Bergman Gallery-Barabás Collection and Erdész Gallery
  • Transparency, Hungarian House, Brussels, Belgium 2015
  • Contemporary Art Project USA Art, Palm Beach 2016, Erdész and ICFA Gallery
  • Colour Shape Space No. II, Reök Gallery, Szeged, Hungary 2016
  • Elite Day, Rapallo, Italy 2016
  • SOFA, Palette Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, USA 2016
  • Entropy forever, Latarka Gallery, Zoltán Fábián’s exhibition, Budapest, Hungary 2016
  • Avran Fine Art Gallery, Art Concept, Miami, USA 2016
  • Abstracts from Hungarian art at the turn of the millennium 1985-2015, István Hoffman Collection, Műcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary 2017
  • Winter Exhibition, Érdi Gallery, Érd, Hungary 2017
  • 6th exhibition of Ferenczy Award winner artists at the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists, Budapest, Hungary 2017
  • Art Market Budapest 2017, an exhibition of the Society of Hungarian Glass Artists
  • HUGLASS 2017, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest, Hungary
  • Sculptors’ Biennale, the Mill of Arts, Szentendre, Hungary 2017
  • Vasarely Hungaricons, Erdész Gallery, Berekei Art Studio, Pécsi Gallery, 2018
  • FUNDAMENTUM, MKISZ Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2018
  • Konkrete Leto, European geometric trends, Galeria Umelka, Bratislava, Slovakia 2018
  • Essingers Art Club, Vienna-Mödling, 2018
  • Hungarian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hangzhou City Library, Beijing HUAWEI Art Center, Beijing Museum of Fine Arts, Hsian City Museum, Chongqing Guotai Museum 2018
  • Contemporary Hungarian Glass Art, Pesterzsébet Imre Gál Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2019
  • Antiques and Art, Erdész Gallery, Budapest, Millenáris 2019
  • GlasSpring Hungarian Contemporary Glass Exhibition, Kiskép Gallery and Tér-Kép Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2019

My work has been reflected in the following printed and electronic media:

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Close-up: Interview with the artist, MTV Hungarian National Television, 17 December 2004
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