The book

The book was presented at my solo exhibition in the Rómer Flóris Museum, Győr, Hungary, in November 2017. Preparations for publishing the book took five or six years – mostly spent with collecting the materials and photography. In this work, my artist and art collector friends had helped me a lot with their experience and thoughtful contributions.  I am grateful to István Haász, Lajos Barabás, Bernadett Grászli, Sándor Kecskeméti, Mari Mészáros, and Dr Ödön Rezek. The graphical and design work of the book was made by Ádám Katyi. He is also to be thanked for the unique font used in the book.

Special thanks are due to the art historians Frans Jeursen and Géza Perneczky for their analyses. The book contains 191 pages and 157 pictures, and it is available in the Ludwig Museum Shop, Budapest.